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Making the hard decisions that benefit
our community at large

Racial Injustice​ & Police Reform

Jim believes that Black Lives Matter. He understands that in order to address the complexities of racial injustice, we must understand, identify and target systemic issues. As an advocate and ally for justice and equality, Jim has served as a supporting board member of Black Pflugerville and is an early proponent of the Equity Commission that was established to ensure all voices of our diverse community are recognized. 

Thoughtful City Growth ​

​Instead of being known as a town stuck between a rock and a weird place, Jim is passionate about helping Pflugerville be recognized for its strong, thriving community and diverse economy. 

As a local business owner, he believes that we all rise with the incoming tide, that is why he advocates for programs that help put Pflugerville in a position to be sought for business development.

Jim is a driving force on the the board of the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation (PCDC). The PCDC is charged with promoting the economic development of the city of Pflugerville and guiding the direction of growth for the business community. Jim focuses on creative actions that drive the vision of the Downtown Action Plan.

COVID-19 ​& Local Business 

As we navigate these unprecedented times, the effects are felt throughout our community. Our first priority is the health of our neighbors and our local economy. As stay at home orders were lifted and businesses began reopening,  Jim worked with neighboring businesses to deliver food to patrons. He takes proactive health and safety measures at his establishment including requiring and proving masks at community events, creating outdoor/socially distant spaces. Jim even made the decision to close his doors even before the Governor shutdown bars a second time based on increased hospitalizations. 

Enhancing Quality of Life

Jim loves Pflugerville and is committed to the betterment of the community. The projects that he is most passionate about are centered on making Pflugerville a better place to live and improving our Quality of Life. These initiatives include creative ways to attract more commercial business and destination retail, improving and expanding recreational opportunities for our Seniors and Youth, and revitalizing our downtown providing for a balance of opportunities to live, learn, work and play. The downtown action plan is meant to improve accessibility for pedestrian traffic, provide interactive family activities, and allow for stronger community events and festivals.

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